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Inserting an Oral Airway Should Not Be Difficult or Make the Patient Gag.

The ManMaxAirway Requires No Measuring, Inserts Straight Into the Mouth, Is Remarkably Effective and Does Not Trigger a Gag Reflex.

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The ManMaxAirway (MMA) is a new and fundamentally different oral airway that is Y shaped and is composed of a safe and non-compressible plastic. There is an external flanged opening that is connected to the interior airway which fits between the teeth, in a similar fashion to a sport mouth guard.

The rigid Y-shaped MMA holds the upper airway open, provides better airflow than traditional oral airways and from its outer opening, it ends interiorly within the unobstructed sulci behind the posterior molar teeth. Holding the jaw open in this manner has also been shown to move the mandible forward.

The MMA should be used in most circumstances where the oropharyngeal airway does not allow the free passage of air and oxygen from an external source through the upper airway and into the lungs. This may occur when a patient is obtunded with inadequate respiratory effort or when they are completely unconscious and unresponsive requiring ventilatory support. Such circumstances may occur when there is a need for Bag-Valve-Mask ventilation, BiPAP or CPAP or prior to an anticipated need such as with repeated or threatened seizures.

Traditional Berman and Guedel oropharyngeal airways require time consuming measuring for size, they also require a difficult inverted oral insertion followed by twisting them over to fit in place over the tongue. This maneuver can actually push the tongue posteriorly, jeopardizing the airway and has also been reported to have caused pharyngeal lacerations. These airways will also lead to gagging with possible hazardous vomiting in any patient with an intact gag reflex.

Traditional nasopharyngeal airways require time consuming measuring as well, are poorly tolerated by awake or semi-awake patients and can also trigger a problematic nosebleed.

On the other hand, the ManMaxAirway requires no measuring (one size fits all normal adults and adult sized children) and is rapidly and simply inserted straight into the mouth between the teeth without contact with the back of the tongue. Therefore there is no reasonable chance of any soft tissue injury or the triggering of a gag reflex.

Suctioning can be accomplished with a flexible catheter through the front end of the MMA (either through the central port or down the legs of the U-shaped airway). When heavy suctioning is required, the MMA can be easily and quickly removed from the patient’s mouth allowing for the use of a rigid Yankauer device followed by the rapid re-insertion of the MMA.

The MMA should not be used if there are loose teeth, foreign bodies or any potentially obstructing debris within the oral cavity.

It should be noted that any inta-oral airway, including an MMA, can stimulate increased salivation.

When a patient requires a secure airway, endotracheal intubation should be performed as soon as circumstances permit.

An individually packaged and labeled ManMaxAirway (part # 90-500-01) has a cost of $11.50 each. Prices are discounted with larger orders.

Shipping is free with orders of $100.00 or more, otherwise there is an $8.00 charge for shipping.

A Dramatic Transformation in Oral Airways